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  • İngilizce Yeni Yıl Mesajları
    İngilizce Yeni Yıl Mesajları

    In NEW YEAR; life to keep, not to miss love, I wish at this time, multiplied by two to avoid falling And allocate time to perform them yourself HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    2015 with our pain, our joy will stay behind 2016 more hope, more joy, more happiness you bring In the life of beautiful, happy tomorrow, real friendships always be with you New year to you and all the loved ones health, happiness, joy, success, abundance of money, I wish to bring love and peace Happy New Year!

    Bank branches in the love of happiness, 2016 No to your account, 365 days more were admitted Wishing you a happy way to spend HAPPY NEW YEAR

    There are still a new year in our door By 2016 we will enter everything you want to happen these days Wishing Create your future more beautiful every new day the previous day, according to your requests and you get to be happy! Good Years!